Through its subsidiaries, Prior-tech Group provides the global high-tech electronics production industries with capital equipment, technologies, and manufacturing services.

The Group's shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange

PRIORTECH COMPANY holds various subsidiaries in israel and overseas that are active in the electronics industry.
The companies and their activities are described below :


PCB Technologies Ltd (traded on the tel-aviv stock exchange)
provides an array of contract electronic manufacturing (CEM) services aimed at high end OEMs. Maintaining bare-board manufacturing and board's assembly facilities, the company focuses on the production of rigid and rigid-flex Multi Layer boards, HDI boards, RF boards, and complete board assemblies.
PCB Technologies Ltd. is a manufacturer of high end, high mix and low volume products.  The company, assisted by associates in China, also sanctions the supply of large quantity orders.


Camtek (traded on the tel-aviv stock exchange and NASDAQ: CAMT ) provides intelligent optical inspection systems to the Semiconductor Manufacturing and Packaging, High-Density Interconnect Substrates (HDI-S), and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) industries. Camtek addresses the specific needs of each industry with dedicated solutions, based on a common core of intelligent imaging technologies.


AMITEC Providing high performance chip carriers and flip chip ball grid array (FCBGA) substrates for advanced packaging applications.
Operates through direct manufacturing as well as technology licensing and joint ventures.


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